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I got into Shaklee because of my daughters asthma. I have used their cleaning products for years but when my daughter started to struggle with asthma sysmptoms a Shaklee friend told me I should give Shaklee's protocol for asthma a try. So, I did. I knew what a doctor visit would mean and I just didn't want to fill her body with all the drugs if she didn't need them. That was 2 years ago. She doesn't require the 4 types of inhaler medications. We started her on Shaklee Vita-Lea, Nobel Peace Prize winning Nutriferon, Probiotic, Alfalfa and Vita C. If she shows signs of wheezing we add 5 of Dr. Forest Shaklee's Signature formula alfalfa and 1 sustained release vitamin C and within a few minutes she feels better. We very rareley need the inhaler.

Recently, my husband discovered how Shaklee's Sports Nutrition works. He uses Shaklee's Performance mix before a workout session. After a 3 sessions, his personal trainer even noticed that his workout performance was improved. Then he was ready to try Vitalizer Men's formula. He noticed within 3 days that he was feeling so much better. He has lost 50lbs. over the last 4 months. Now, he is knows that Shaklee works and plans to be a Shaklee user for life.

My own story is how Shaklee 180 products have helped me loose pounds, inches and better cholesterol numbers. I jumped started my weight loss 4 weeks ago thru a 5 day Shaklee mini cleanse. Then continued with the 180 shakes and bars afterward. I was totally surpised when I was able to comfortably wear a pair of dress pants that I haven't wore in a year. 

Long story short, Shaklee works! I hear these same stories over and over. I know Shaklee can work for you! There is nothing to loose. 100% satisfaction, money back gruantee. Let's complete a personal nutrition assesment for you. Let's get you started on your Shaklee story, today.

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